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Gantry Transport Unit Area

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Sizes Available:

M2, M3, M4, M6, M10

Compatible Robots
Static Payloads Up To 1,000kg
VMax ≤ 2m/sec, AMax ≤ 2m/sec²
Not Applicable
Static Payloads Up To 2,500kg
VMax ≤ 2m/sec, AMax ≤ 2m/sec²
Not Applicable
Static Payloads Up To 5,000kg
VMax ≤ 1m/sec, AMax ≤ 1m/sec²
Not Applicable
Static Payloads Up To 6,000kg
VMax ≤ 1m/sec, AMax ≤ 1m/sec²
Not Applicable
Static Payloads Up To 7,000kg
VMax ≤ 0.5m/sec, AMax ≤ 0.5m/sec²
Not Applicable

Standard Machine Features

  • Machined ends for easy machine assembly, future expansion, or re-tooling

  • Precision off the shelf linear guideway systems

  • Servo reducers driving rack and pinion

  • Guideway carriage wipers for durable protection from debris

  • Single point lubrication distribution

  • Cable carrier mounting positions in the left, center, and right machine positions

  • Speeds up to 3000mm per second available

Standard Machine Features

  • Automatic lubrication system, controlled by your PLC

  • Robot risers. Weld wire, paint pot, and additional equipment platforms

  • Sensor brackets and cam rails. Washdown safe machines

  • Metal cable carriers

  • Multiple driven, linked, or idle saddles

  • C1D1 explosion proof options

  • Cleanroom options

  • 7th axis robot integration

  • Professional assembly and metrology services

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